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Infringement Issuance

Introducing PinForce Mobile
PinForce Mobile is a technology solution that allows officers to issue notices and infringements in the field. It’s highly configurable, so officers can collect exactly the data they need, whether that relates to animal control, parking, abandoned property, or any other local laws that may require issuance.

The solution is a secure and complete way to manage issuance. It includes speedy, intuitive software, a smart phone for easy and familiar officer use, and a portable printer. PinForce Mobile software synchronises the information captured in the field with management and reporting platforms that can be used in the office.

Designed to be used

Orikan’s industry-leading infringements issuance solution, PinForce, has been the solution of choice for councils and auditing authorities for more than twenty years. Our developers are careful to consider feedback from real users with each iteration, so you can be assured of a smooth and intuitive user experience.
Everything in one place

Infringements issuance is a deceptively simple concept that describes a process with a lot of moving parts. Officers have to enter information and evidence in the field and look up the details of registrations or licences before providing notices to members of the community. Meanwhile, a host of checking and reporting obligations must occur in the back office.

PinForce Mobile comes with software that synchronises data entered in the field with reports created in the office. We ensure information is processed in real time. That means that, on their smart phones, officers receive alerts as situations needing attention arise, and, in the back office, reports and analytics are complete, up to date, and secure.

What PinForce Mobile can do for you

PinForce Factsheet

Connected PinForce Mobile software allows officers to issue infringements using a smartphone, instead of more expensive, limited or proprietary hardware. It replaces handwritten forms and old technology, and it improves efficiency, accuracy and the ability to collect evidence in the field. For more information download the factsheet and contact us today.