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Contactless QR

Introducing PayEasy

PayEasy is Orikan’s secure, contact-free, cash-free, app-free way to pay.


No app, no cash

Community organisations, local events, charities or councils are often in the position of accepting payments for minor facilities or services. Remember the gold coin donation at the gate of your local farmers’ market?

But the days of digging through your glove compartment for stray coins have passed. Transactions aren’t taking place in cash, and consequently people aren’t carrying it. That’s a good change in some ways, because nobody wants to be responsible for emptying the honesty box at the end of the day.

But the alternative is often another cumbersome app, and that turns people off too.

Simple, secure and easy to use

PayEasy is straightforward and requires almost zero technical know-how. We help you create the QR code, you display it, and your customers or donors scan it. You don’t need to operate it from a machine or a computer on site, so your solution can be as simple and low-tech as a printed page.

We manage the payments portal. Payments through our portal are secure. We operate in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), which is the international standard for credit card security endorsed by all major credit card providers.

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What PayEasy can do for you

Contactless QR

It has never been easier to collect payments for your school, sporting organisation or even your boat ramp. Contact us today for more information on contact=free, cash-free, app-free payments.