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Educational Institutions

University parking is a valuable asset

The public traditionally thinks of universities as educational and research institutions, but the modern university often administers an enormous portfolio of facilities, services and real estate.

Of those facilities, campus parking can become a reliable revenue stream for a university.

Universities have a lot of facilities and services to manage, and a limited pool of resources to allocate for those purposes.

Orikan’s suite of products and services are in place in campuses across Australia because of our long history and proven expertise in parking management and technology.

When you partner with Orikan, you get the advantage of that history, expertise and industry-leading technology.

That’s how we deliver greater efficiencies, stronger revenue and a consistent service for your university community.

How we help universities get the strongest return on investment

Universities use our services and products to get the most out of their facilities, because we bring economies of scale and specialist knowledge to assets that can be a challenge to manage. We work with universities to deliver smarter solutions, like:
  • Electronic permits management
  • Parking sensors and enforcement technologies
  • Officer services
  • Infringement management
  • Community-first payment reminder services
  • Our robust and sturdy pay-by-plate meters
University parking solutions
Digital Permits
Parking Guidance
Access Control
Mobile App
Licence Plate Recognititon
Parking Sensors
Infringement Issuance
Orikan connected Parking
Officer Services
Infringement Management
Connected Technology
Ezi Com
Data Insights & Analytics
Reminder Services

University parking is a valuable asset

Economies of scale and specialist knowledge go a long way to optimise university parking assets. Contact us to find out how we can work with you to deliver  smarter solutions to your university.