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Infringement Management

A smarter solution

Introducing Infringement Management as a Service (IMaaS).

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This is an end-to-end infringement management solution with a straightforward interface. It’s purpose-built for parking, traffic and local laws compliance.

It integrates systems and extends across the whole infringements lifecycle, from capturing infringements in the field all the way through to resolving them with payments, appeals, or record-keeping and evidence support in legal proceedings.

Purpose built for infringements

The Orikan team has decades of combined industry expertise.

In our time we’ve noticed that, although there is plenty of software in use for infringement management purposes, it’s rarely purpose-built, and it doesn’t enjoy the same level of industry-wide development as other compliance technologies used in the field.
Core to the solution is our commitment to data governance and management.

All items of evidence—including notes, images, or even recordings—remain attached to their specific infringement record, and each change or addition is logged and tracked. And correspondence management is built-in, so any queries, appeals or other exchanges between council or agency staff and residents is attached to the correct infringement record, too.

No orphaned evidence.

That means no orphaned evidence, no extra data entry, no forgotten conversations with customers or residents: everything has its place, it’s attached by default, and when you want to find a piece of evidence or information, it’s right where you expect it.

What IMaaS can do for you

IMaaS Factsheet

IMaaS is a comprehensive compliance management technology solution. It delivers end-to-end infringements processing across the compliance lifecycle. Download the factsheet and contact us today to find out more.