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Digital Permits


Orikan’s ePermits solution is a highly customisable, online permits-management system. It allows council or permit authority to reduce administrative hours and process complexity by automating simple but repetitive permit-processing tasks.

A more convenient solution

Traditionally, permit applications and management come with a lot of moving parts: things like customer service, limited hours of operation, processing documentation, data entry, paper and printing and mailing out permits. The challenges of administration and resourcing can artificially bottleneck the process, creating delays and frustrating end users.

Digital permits are a more convenient solution for everybody. By shifting the bulk of permit eligibility, application, processing and payment to a digitised self-service model, administrative resources are freed up to assist those end users with lower technology access.

Security and equity

The issue of illegally buying or leasing permits is common in densely populated areas where parking is valued highly. It can artificially inflate the cost of parking, cut into the revenue taken by councils, and create challenges for residents and workers who rely on fair and equitable parking access to travel through community spaces. This practice takes advantage of the challenge issuing authorities face in linking traditional permits to specific owners, and, over time, it can add up to millions of dollars in permit fraud.

Orikan’s ePermits solution links individual permits with individual permit-holders and their matching vehicle licence plates and eliminates permit fraud. Digitised verification means that officers in the field can check a permit against a permit holder in seconds.

What ePermits can do for you

ePermits Factsheet

Permits can be difficult and costly to manage. Our fully-automated and customisable solution has been developed to meet that challenge and serve communities by alleviating financial and administrative burden. Download our factsheet and contact us to find out more.