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For a smarter future

We’re a global technology company. We offer technology products, solutions and services that keep all sorts of communities moving across the globe, ranging from parking, payments and monitoring of facilities and equipment, to permit management and smart mobility.
All of our solutions have one thing in common, which is that they are always aligned with the core mission of our company: we want to make the communities we work in more liveable.

For us, that means we use technology, data and automation to help people attain a better standard of living: greater efficiency, less waste, lower environmental impact and improved convenience.

Orikan’s technologies are purpose-built for their uses in key industries, be they government, higher education, transport agencies or commercial operators.

We take the time to understand the needs of both our customers and our customers’ end users, so we can offer a truly community-focused array of solutions.


Our Products

Licence Plate Recognition
Mobile App
Infringement Issuance
Infringement Management
Parking Sensors
Orikan connected Parking
Officer Services
Digital Permits
Access Control

Payment Solutions

PCI-DSS certified, highly secure and always dependable.

Solutions for sectors

For a smarter future



Population density is rising across communities globally, and government has the complex responsibility of making sure local spaces are used both effectively and fairly.

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Transport Agencies

Using products like our smart phone app and sensors you can create a transport service that promotes fair and equitable use of public spaces, so visitors, workers and residents get where they need to go.

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Educational Institutions

The public traditionally thinks of universities as educational and research institutions, but the modern university often administers an enormous portfolio of facilities, services and real estate.

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Commercial parking solutions. We partner with commercial car park operators who seek a cost-effective, reliable way to control access. We ensure your car park runs as smoothly as possible.

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Orikan is a marriage of true minds, a coming together of over fifty years of experience.

Connected Technology

Orikan is the only company in the market that offers a holistic, end-to-end suite of parking management solutions. Not only do we offer a complete range of technologies, but all of our technologies can work together to create one seamless experience—both for our customers, and for their communities.