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Parking Sensors

Sentinel Sensors

Sentinel sensors are enforcement-grade, subterranean parking sensors that provide accurate occupancy data from the bays, streets, and localities in which they’re deployed.

They precisely and consistently record when a vehicle arrives in a bay and when it departs, and deliver that information in real time to our integrated management system.

This information is critical for enforcement, events management, land use forecasts, research or emergency planning.

How can we use parking sensors to help with planning?
Not just enforcement
Enforcement is the most common use case for these sensors, and it stands to reason: they’re a tried and tested technology which we know provides empirical evidence to a standard that meets the burden of proof for court proceedings.

But these subterranean sensors support so much more than just enforcement. The data collected by these sensors can be analysed for a broad range of local planning, emergency response, events management and research applications that can support economic growth, eco-friendly land use, and stronger and more resilient communities.

Connected sensor technology

Orikan’s Sentinel sensors are installed in the ground, which makes them difficult to tamper with or vandalise. But that doesn’t make them any harder to use, because at the core of this solution is connectivity.

What Sentinel sensors can do for you

Sentinel Factsheet

Creating liveable, sustainable infrastructure is a major challenge for municipalities. Rising demand for finite parking spaces necessitates better parking management solutions to deliver equitable access for communities. Contact us to find out more.