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Parking Guidance

Parking Guidance

Link your parking sensors and smartphone app.

By combining parking sensor technology with a customer-facing app, Orikan can empower you to tackle congestion, reduce emissions and provide a highly convenient service to your community.

Statistically, a person will spend over three thousand hours of their life looking for a car park.

That’s obviously a source of frustration for any driver, but it’s not just a matter of inconvenience: motorists seeking that elusive parking bay are a significant contributor to road congestion, particularly in inner-city locations, and they also add to greenhouse gas emissions.



We have the solution.

With Orikan’s industry-leading sensor technology and well-loved customer-facing smart phone applications, you can provide your community with a guidance and wayfinding service that helps you address all three of those problems.

Parking guidance and wayfinding can be just as simple as opening a parking app on your smart phone and reviewing available bays in the area in which you need to park.

There is also the option to connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Members of your community can view on a map exactly where the available parking bays are and plot a journey to arrive there. They can then start a parking session via the app, Apple CarPlay  or Android Auto.

Plan in advance.

This also allows motorists to plan in advance: if they check the parking map and there are no available bays at all, that might indicate a time of peak occupancy. Instead of circling for twenty minutes to find one, visitors can review their plans and see if it might be wise to organise to rideshare or take a bus that day.

What our parking guidance solutions can do for you

Parking guidance

Tackle congestion and improve the way residents move about your community.  Contact us to find out how we can help deliver the ultimate parking guidance solution: parking sensors and a customer-facing parking app with the added convenience of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.