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PayStay makes parking more convenient for everyone

PayStay is a mobile parking app that allows motorists to pay for parking in a secure, contact-free way.

It can display information about restrictions and tariffs in a centralised, digestible way, and the app uses a start and stop button, so community members pay for precisely the amount of time they use, rather than relying on guesswork.

For parking authorities, it’s a convenient and lower-cost way to manage parking restrictions in accordance with changing community needs. Information about parking restrictions and tariffs can be altered due to events or changing demand in specific bays, streets or areas, and the use of a smartphone app supports councils in improving streetscapes and rationalising meters.

A familiar app and an established userbase

PayStay is Australia’s leading parking app. Our large and established user base knows that when they see a PayStay sign, there’ll be no need to find coins, no fiddling with credit cards, and no guessing how long an appointment is going to take.

This app enjoys wide adoption, which means that there are millions of users who already know how to use the service.
It’s not just for parking payments

But PayStay is used for many more purposes than just paying for parking. The app can be used to manage and apply for digital parking permits, too. It also works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and when it’s integrated with parking sensors, it can provide real-time information about where car parks are available and guide users to empty bays via their phone’s mapping system.

The app integrates with PinForce Mobile, so officers can receive information about violations that helps them target their attention towards problem areas.

What PayStay can do for you

PayStay Factsheet

PayStay is our community centric smartphone app. It allows drivers to search for parking by time restriction, price and location and digitally pay for their parking. PayStay also guides users to vacant parking spaces using their smartphone’s mapping system. Download the factsheet and contact us to better understand the PayStay difference.