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Officer Services

Authorised officers

Orikan’s officer services provide highly-trained, professional authorised officers for inspection, audit and enforcement applications.

Parking specialists
At Orikan, we are parking specialists—this is our area of expertise, and we pass on the advantages of that expertise and our long industry experience to our clients.

Economies of scale in training, tools of the trade, work health and safety procedures and recruitment allow us to offer a quality service at a comparatively lower cost. We can also ensure our officers are using industry-leading software and hardware, which reduces administrative load and lifts infringement payment rates.

A community-centric service

We understand that authorised officers are working in and with the community.

They function as the enforcement arm of your organisation, supporting parking equity and keeping residents and visitors safe, but they are also ambassadors for your brand. Balancing these roles can be a challenge for any organisation.

What officer services can do for you

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With Orikan’s officer services, you can provide fair and consistent enforcement that will increase parking turnover and ensure parking equity for your community. Download our factsheet and contact us to find out more.