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Transport Agencies

We can help you connect to your community

Using products like our smart phone app and sensors you can create a transport service that promotes fair and equitable use of public spaces, so visitors, workers and residents get where they need to go.

You might need to verify legitimate users of a service, audit and enforce behaviour on transport services, get accurate information about parking bay use and capacity, or control tariffs.

What we do

Just as not all communities are identical, not all transport agencies have exactly the same goals.

But no matter your area of need, our solutions can operate individually or in concert to create a powerful impact that will help you overcome any challenge.

Transport agencies

If you’d like to know more about how transport agencies partner with Orikan to deliver industry-leading services to their communities, have a look our case study with Auckland Transport here.

View case study

Orikan transport agency solutions
Digital Permits
Parking Guidance
Mobile App
Licence Plate Recognititon
Parking Sensors
Infringement Issuance
Infringement Management
Connected Technology
Ezi Com
Data Insights & Analytics
Reminder Services