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Connected Technology

Putting data and digital technology to work

A smarter solution

Parking, payment, enforcement, compliance and analytics

Orikan is the only company in the market that offers a holistic, end-to-end suite of parking management solutions. Not only do we offer a complete range of technologies, but all of our technologies can work together to create one seamless experience—both for our customers, and for their communities.

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Integration drives synergy

Our technologies are powerful and work great on their own, if that’s how you choose to use them.
But they also work in synergy—with all the components working in concert, the value created is much more than the sum of its parts.
Each component of Orikan’s connected technology suite speaks fluently to all of the others, and this seamless integration creates an unrestricted flow of real-time data.
Scalable and seamless

We partner with parking providers at every size, so when we say our full-service connected technology suite is scalable, we speak from experience. Whether you’re seeking a highly-automated, cost effective solution to ensure parking equity in a small off-street operation, or you’re seeking a solution that can provide highly-trained customer service staff for an entire neighbourhood or council area, we can find the right combination of connected services and solutions to meet the needs of your customers and community in a holistic, cost-effective way.

Parking as a Service

Access up-to-date industry-leading technologies without the upfront capital expenditure.
Use real-time data to inform your strategy and get the most out of every parking bay.
PaaS is fully scalable to your requirements, so you can add or remove technology and services as needed.

What our connected technology suite can do for you

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Orikan offers end-to-end solutions to make managing your smart city operation painless and straightforward. We can help you manage any or all aspects of your parking, payment, enforcement, compliance and data insight requirements. Discover more below and contact us for a demonstration.