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Parking-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Improve Financial Sustainability with Parking-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Our Commitment to LGAs

Orikan’s team of parking experts has been helping LGAs improve their financial sustainability and generate capacity to re-invest in local infrastructure and services for decades. We’re committed to subjectively assessing your parking solution requirements, whether it be an upgrade of existing technology, supporting a first-time implementation of paid parking, analysis and optimisation of tariffs, or improving your compliance operations.

With the PaaS solution you can expect:
  • Financial Relief: With no need to allocate upfront budgets for parking infrastructure. We take care of everything, from on-street technology, digital payments, back-office software, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) automation and customer contact centre.
  • Parking Expertise: Parking is an industry that benefits from specific expertise. Our longstanding presence in the market and our diverse range of clients allow us to offer valuable insights into industry norms and benchmarks. We can help you make informed decisions to maximise revenue potential.
  • Supportive Rollout: Orikan offers expert support including public outreach programs to facilitate a smooth PaaS rollout. We ensure that your community is well-informed and involved in this transformative journey.
  • Financial Sustainability: By decreasing the financial burden of parking management, LGAs can redirect their resources towards critical community needs without compromising financial sustainability.
Partner with Orikan

We’re different to your typical parking provider. We partner with our customers to achieve their financial objectives and to deliver better community outcomes. We invite you to an exploratory chat with one of our expert advisory team to learn more about the PaaS model and how it can help tackle your unique challenges.


Tabitha Mitchell
Chief Growth Officer – Orikan
M: 0400 914 277